The Mayan culture has motivated the research of thousands of scientists who have revealed archaeological monuments to discover the heart of an advanced culture. And at the same time, it has taken the most adventurous tourists in the world to travel to the Mayan Route in Central America.

Contemplating the fusion of the temples with the wonder of nature, climbing the pyramids to the highest to see the tranquility of the landscape, is an enjoyable experience in a magical atmosphere. These and other activities you can live on a trip that is designed for everyone to enjoy their visit with multiple tourist plans that fit the preferences of travelers.

Means of transport

What is your favorite transport when traveling? There are approximately 100 archaeological centers with ancestral riches and about 515,000 square kilometers that cover the territories of Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and some of the southern states of Mexico.

So, you can go by car, bus, plane and even more daring tourists travel by motorcycle. The route requires a minimum of fifteen days, but it is a good idea to extend it to a month if you want to look deeper into the Mayan culture.

Types of tourist plan

If you like to be in contact with nature, you can see how the jungles merge with the enigmatic monuments, the perfect place for adventure lovers, in El Tazumal, El Salvador you can go to an impressive archaeological excavation and live the underground experience of knowing the heart of the Mayan civilization.

If art is your thing, we recommend the Mayan painting that is one of the most surprising pre-Hispanic expressions, three are the most common form: mural paintings, manuscripts and painted vessels. But if you are one of the people whose dream was to be an astronaut, Belize has the tallest structure, 46 meters high and is one of the most important temples in the country and the best thing is that it has its own astronomical observatory, also in Honduras, there are the ruins of Copán an important scientific center that served as a planetary viewpoint and ceremonial center.

As you can see, there are innumerable activities to enjoy and an immense culture to know, we invite you to live all the nuances that The Mayan Route offers in Central America and thus open your eyes to rediscover yourself in the middle of a journey where nature, archeology, art, science, history and culture coexist.

Crédito: Photo by Jimmy Baum on Unsplash

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